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Faculty of Agrobioengineering

13 Akademicka Street, 20-950 Lublin, Poland

tel. (+ 48 81) 445-69-46, 445-66-44;  fax. (+ 48 81) 445-60-31.

Department of Grassland and Landscape Shaping

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Main directions of scientific research:

  • Biological and habitat factors conditioning growth and development of communities of grasses and papilonaceous plants in various soils.
  • Sustainability and productivity of grass and papilionaceous species and varieties in grass communities.
  • Allelpathic and competitive effect of lawn and pasture grass species and varieties.
  • No-till method of regeneration of meadow and pasture swards in peat and muck soils.
  • Impact of various methods of exploitation of grass communities on their yield and sustainability, as well as physicochemical properties of peat and muck soils.
  • Evaluation of usefulness of new grass species of Festulolium type for pasture mixtures in various soil conditions.
  •  Use value of Polish and foreign species and varieties of lawn grasses and their mixtures.

The aforementioned research directions are provided by 4 overall subjects and 18 detailed objectives.