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Labolatory of Experimental and Environmental Biology 


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The history of the Laboratory of Experimental and Environmental Biology is short. It was set up on 28/06/2011 with the participation of the research and laboratory staff employed at the Department of Biological Basis of Animal Production. The team had already been engaged in the field, farm, and laboratory experiments performed on bees and fowl. Drosophila melanogaster and quail were used as model, laboratory animals in the past, whereas honeybees and quail are in use nowadays.

Prof. dr hab. Laura Kaufman (a scientist of worldwide renown), followed by prof. dr hab. Józef Zięba and dr hab. Witold Głuchowski were the precursors in the poultry research. Laboratory studies of quail were developed by dr Andrzej Witkowski. Drosophila studies were started by dr Maria Lorkiewicz, who was also a poultry scientist, and developed by prof. dr hab. Jerzy Paleolog (full name: Jerzy Demetraki Paleolog). Drosophila research has been discontinued.





Bee studies were started and continued by dr hab. Jan Woźnica and dr Ryszard Jagieło. Jerzy Paleolog joined this team and changed its scientific activity from apiculture and bee nutrition to bee genetics and behavior. Laboratory studies of bees treated as model animals were also developed.

The current research topics and information about all employees are available elsewhere on this website.